Sigaus villosusPaprides New Zealand grasshoppersSigaus australis New Zealand grasshopper

Short horn Grasshoppers


For each genus we provide genus and/or species distributions maps. These are based primarily on species descriptions, and use the New Zealand entomological districts as their template. A region is filled if the taxon in question is known to have been found there. However, this does not exclude the possibility that the taxon occurs in other regions, nor does it indicate that the taxon is found throughout the indicated region. When a species distribution is based on few data such as species descriptions that rely on single specimen and/or single locality information, this is indicated by a spot on the map.

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This information is drawn from original species descriptions, Bigelow 1967, Department of Conservation Tenure Review documents and additional field observations. Maps will be updated as new information comes to light.
Details of higher level taxonomy are available via the Orthoptera Species File.

Genus Distribution Remarks
  • Sigaus
  • North Island,
    South Island
NZ endemic genus with ~5 species
  • Brachaspis
  • South Island
NZ endemic genus with ~3 species
  • Paprides
  • South Island
NZ endemic genus with 2 species
  • South Island
NZ endemic genus with 2 species
  • Locusta
  • North Island, South Island
A global species native in New Zealand
  • Phaulacridium
  • North Island, South Island
An Australasian genus, with two endemic species in NZ