Brachaspis Hutton 1898 is a genus of shorthorn grasshoppers endemic to New Zealand.  

Brachaspis robustus
Bigelow, 1967
Habitat: Braided river beds
Restricted range, rare, protected by law. Short hind leg, most noticable in adult females, extremely rounded thorax. Grey and rugose.

Brachaspis robustus pair CC Jensch

Brachaspis collinus Hutton, 1897
Habitat: alpine tussock and scree
Rugose, dark grey or green grey, sometimes with red or yellow tones, some individuals with prominent pair of yellow latero-dorsal lines.

Brachaspis nivalis
Bigelow, 1967
Habitat: alpine scree
Usually pale grey, or with ochrous tint. Hind femur with blue, purple or red flash on surface to abdomen.