Dendroplectron aucklandense female,
Adams Island, Auckland Islands
©Kath Walker
Dendroplectron aucklandense male ©Kath Walker Male (top) Female (bottom) Icm scale bar

Dendroplectron is a monotypic genus recorded only from the subantarctic Auckland Islands.

Dendroplectron aucklandense Richards, 1964
A small dark bodied cave weta, with pale markings on all parts.
Body length:  Up to 20 mm. Ovipositor: 0.65x body length= 13 mm.
Antennae: 30 mm*.
Habitat: Under bark at night, on rata trunks at night, under logs, among rocks, near Shag colony, on olearia at night, in petrel burrows.
Notes: Sub-genital plate of female absent.
Locality: Rose Is., Ewing Is.,  Ocean Is., Adams Is.




  • Richards. A.M.  1964. The Insects of Campbell Island. Orthoptera: Rhaphidophoridae of Auckland and Campbell Islands. Pacific Insect Monographs 7: 216-225