Maotoweta virescens female moss weta, Fiordland ©Tony Jewell M. virescens male, Fiordland ©Tony Jewell Male (top) female (below) Icm scale bar

Maotoweta is a monotypic genus described from southern New Zealand.

Maotoweta virescens (Johns & Cook, 2013)
A small, compact, mottled green tokoriro found in the wet south east of South Island. It is extremely cryptic among the moss on tree trunks, although colour and pattern vary. The species is readily recognised by its colour (no other New Zealand cave weta are green), and distinctive flattened spines on hind tibiae.
Length: male (holotype) 9 mm, antennae 32 mm, hind femur 7.4 mm, hind tibia 8.6 mm, hind metatarsus 1.4 mm, cercus 1.2 mm; female length 12 mm, ovipositor 5.5 mm.
Location: Fiordland. A related taxon may exist on Mt Arthur, Nelson region.


  • Johns PM, Cook LD 2013. Maotoweta virescens new genus and new species; hidden in a moss forest (Orthoptera: Rhaphidophoridae) Records of the Canterbury Museum 27: 11-17.