Novoplectron serratum male ©University of Canterbury-Outreach

Novoplectron serratum male ©University of Canterbury-Outreach

Male (top) female (below)1cm scale bar

Novoplectronis a monotypic genus recorded only from the Chatham Islands. This thickset medium sized species is known to forage on dead seabirds among other foods.

Novoplectron serratum

An unusually compact and sturdy species of cave weta. It might be mistaken for a tree or ground weta (Anostostomatidae) if found in mainland New Zealand, but there are only tokoriro (Rhaphidophoridae) on the Chathams Islands. Hind legs are stout with the hind femur a similar length to the hind tibia. Body colour is brown and legs orange.

Body length: Up to 26 mm. Av. = 24 mm.  

Ovipositor: 0.66 - 0.75x body length = 15.8 – 18 mm.                    

Antennae: 3x as long as body = 72 mm.

Legs:               leg: body ratio (not sex specific)
Fore:   1.07 : 1 =         25.7 mm.
Mid:    1.1 : 1   =         26.4 mm.        
Hind:  2.12 : 1 =         50.9 mm.

Locality:  Chatham Islands Group; Pitt Is., South East Is., The Sisters. In Petrel burrows and in cavities under stones.


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