Paraneonetus miltispinus. Male (left), female (right) © Auckland Museum  

Paraneonetus is a monotypic genus from the Three Kings Islands, north of New Zealand.

Paraneonetus multispinus Salmon, 1948
Body length:  Up to 17.5 mm            
Ovipositor: “longer than the body” Antennae: no length data provided by Salmon but “the density of clothing (with setae) increases towards the apex of the antennae but the hairs remain short interspersed occasionally with rather longer isolated ones. Segmentation becomes obscure towards the apex but each antenna has approximately 540 segments.” Legs:   Salmon provides no measurements.     
Locality: Great Island, Three Kings group
Notes:  In caves and on Kanuka Leptospermum ericoides 


  • Salmon J.T. 1948. New Genera Species and Records of Orthoptera from the Three Kings Islands of New Zealand. Auckland Institute and Museum Records 3: 1944 -1956.