Sigaus Hutton 1897 is a genus of shorthorn grasshoppers endemic to New Zealand.
    Sigaus australis female ©D.Hegg

Sigaus australis Hutton
Habitat: herbfields and tussocks
Wide range in Canterbury, Otago, Southland, and Fiordland. Colour and patterning extremely variable

Sigaus campestris Hutton
Habitat: tussocks and herbs to sea level.
Distinct pronotal margin flared at sides with several posterior points. Colour and pattern extremely variable within and among populations.

Sigaus campestris pair CC John Tweed

Sigaus minutus Bigelow, 1967
Habitat: tussocks and herbs at low elevation arid zone.
A very small species (<13mm) limited to Tekapo region in central Canterbury where it lives in semi arid habitat. Typically grey and rugose, rarely with coloured markings.

Sigaus villosus Salmon, 1950
Habitat: rocks and scree above 2000m asl.
Black eyes, pale hairs over body, dark grey or greenish grey. Large, adult female >40mm

Sigaus childi Jamieson, 1999
Habitat: low elevation in semi-arid zone
Small grasshoppers (<15mm) with extremely restricted geographic range in the vicinity of Alexandra, where its distribution overlaps with Sigaus australis with which it hybridises, and also Phaulacridium. Cryptic colouration in many hues from pale grey to red-brown.

Sigaus piliferus Hutton, 1897
Habitat: tussock and herbfields above the treeline and frost flats in North Island. Grey, green and brown forms occur.