Weta (=Pleioplectron) Mt Stuart Tunnel, Otago e Steve Trewick   Male (top) female (bottom) Icm scale bar

Weta is a monotypic genus recorded only from Canterbury, South Island, New Zealand. However, addtional populations consistent with this genus have been reported from Otago and Southland. Probably this genus is a synonym of Pleioplectron.

Weta thomsoni Chopard 1923
Body length:  Male:   18mm. Female:   23mm.  
Ovipositor:  10mm, almost straight Antennae:      37mm.
Fore:   femora 9.5mm,   tibiae 9.5mm.
Mid:    femora 9.5mm,   tibiae 9.5mm.
Hind:  femora 15mm,   tibiae 19mm,  tarsus 9mm,  metatarsus 4.7mm.
Locality:  Limestone cave, Opihi River, Raincliffe, South Canterbury.


  • Chopard. L. 1923. On some New Zealand cave Orthoptera. Transactions of New Zealand Institute 54: 230-239