This website aims to provide a taxonomic and biological information on New Zealand cave weta and other Orthoptera for students, researchers and conservation managers. This project was funded by Terrestrial and Freshwater Biodiversity Information System (TFBIS) through the New Zealand Department of Conservation.

The site is maintained by Associate Professors Steve Trewick and Mary Morgan-Richards of Massey University with contributions from Jo Fitness, Emily Koot and Briar Taylor-Smith of the Phoenix Group. Prasad Doddala assisted with designing the website. Peter Johns provided invaluable advice and assitance with taxonomy and sampling.

How to cite:
Trewick SA., Johns PM., Fitness J., Morgan-Richards M. 2014. Weta Geta - an online guide to New Zealand Orthoptera.
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You can use the NatureWatch portal to upload your own observations of weta and grasshoppers, or contact us directly using the form below.

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