Ground Weta

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Ground weta are classified in the genus Hemiandrus. There are about 40 species of ground weta in New Zealand and several similar species in Australia. They are in appearance also very like the Californian Cnemotettix—perhaps due to their similar habits and habitat. Most of the Hemiandrus have not yet been described.
All species hide in burrows in the ground during the day and those that live in open ground (e.g. H. focalis) conceal the exit hole with a specially made perforated door. During the night ground weta emerge to hunt or scavenge invertebrate prey and eat fruit. Ground weta do not have ears like those of tree weta on their forelegs, but they do use vibration signals to attract mates.

ground weta ground weta1  
Hemiandrus maia female Hemiandrus pallitarsus Hemiandrus electra male  
  The sound of ground weta drumming with their abdomen.    
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